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 Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our [[Documents]] area. Presentation materials, when available, will be published in our [[Documents]] area.
 ==== 2018 Schedule ==== ==== 2018 Schedule ====
-  * January ​6th:+  * January ​5th
     * Annual Elections     * Annual Elections
-    * Club business ​discussion: TechFest, Meeting Location +    * Magnetic Loop antenna ​discussion ​with examples 
-    * Larry -- KØNA will demonstrate hot air soldering and de-solder techniques. +    * Show'​n'​Tell 
-  * February ​3rd: {{ :​technical:​feb_pres_web.pptx |Receiver Sensitivity and S-meters}} by Bill -- NØCU +  * February ​2nd 
-  March 3rd: [[https://​​|The CARBBN Mesh Network]], by Jeremiah ​-- NØKMO +    Larry -- KØNA is going to present some results of his high power loop antenna research. 
-  April 7th: Bill -- NØCU will talk about {{ :​technical:​rx_protect.pptx |receiver front-end protection}} ({{ :​technical:​rx_protect.pdf |PDF}}), and Larry -- KØNA will tell us all about the latest improvements ​to his station +    * Bill -- NØCU is going to do some more on high power loops. 
-  * May 5th: Annual club anniversary party and show'​n'​tell. We'll have pizza and soda from JJ Madwell'​s. Please bring your amateur radio projects, or anything else of interest ​to the hobby to show off and discuss. [[meeting_pictures#​club_12th_anniversary|Here are some photos from this year's party]]. Bill - NØCU talked about skin effect and conductance on flat conductors, and Larry - KØNA talked about S parameters and return loss+    * Frank -- KØFEI is going to do a presentation ​of what single board computers you would want to buy for the shack
-  * June 2nd: +  * March 2nd 
-    We will have a video and discussion about new receiver technology that may be the next major break through in receiver architecture. We will also discuss receiver specifications and when they are important. Your next new radio may not be a classic superheterodyne! +  April 6th 
-    Smoke or no smoke? Will running a KW through some RG58 coax with a 3:1 SWR create smoke?+  May 4th 
 +  * June 1st
   * July - No Meeting, due to [[http://​​field-day|Field Day]]   * July - No Meeting, due to [[http://​​field-day|Field Day]]
-  ​* **August ​4th:** WTØDX -- Bill Thomas will give a presentation on //The New Digital Modes FT8 and MSK144//. And NØCU -- Bill Leonard will discuss using MSK144 for 2 & 6 meter meteor scatter communications. +  * August ​3rd 
-  * September ​1st +  * September ​7th 
-  * October ​6th +  * October ​5th 
-  * November ​3rd: [[techfests|Fall Techfest]] +  * November ​2nd: [[techfests|Fall Techfest]] 
-  * December ​1st: Holiday Lunch+  * December ​7th: Holiday Lunch, 11AM at [[http://​​|JJ Madwell'​s]],​ 26412 Main Street, Conifer, CO. ([[https://​​maps/​o4Ewa5HsLSv|Map]])
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